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Industry Case Study: Professional Services

Looking to change the culture within their B2B sales division, Post Office Ltd introduce and adopt a recognized sales methodolgy and process.


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An aspiring young sales professional benefits from becoming a Miller Heiman Certified Sales Professional, winning big deals immediately and promoted in less than one year.

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As a former frontline sales manager (FSM) who rose from the sales ranks, I am aware of the huge expectations placed on the role of FSMs. Like most FSMs reading this, it took me a while to understand what exactly the role entailed, how broad and complex that scope really was, and the enormity of the challenges that went with it. To illustrate the complexity: My first sales team had seven people in it, one of whom was a graduate trainee a year younger than me and another who had been in the company longer than I had been alive! Continue Reading

When I started in sales, the elevator pitch was all the rage. The idea was to memorize a compelling statement about what your company does that was no longer than the length of an elevator ride. Our management thought that if you told enough potential customers what the company did, then eventually some of them might have a need for your product, service, or solution.

Incredible as it may sound, the elevator pitch is still alive and well, but now marketing is calling it a positioning statement. With all due respect to marketing, this is not an effective way to make someone feel like you are interested in their input in a conversation. If I don’t like it when I am on the receiving end of an elevator pitch, then why would I think anyone else would like them? Continue Reading

Do not gain access to key decision makers in a large deal.