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Industry Case Study: Professional Services

Looking to change the culture within their B2B sales division, Post Office Ltd introduce and adopt a recognized sales methodolgy and process.


Success Story: Certified Sales Professional

An aspiring young sales professional benefits from becoming a Miller Heiman Certified Sales Professional, winning big deals immediately and promoted in less than one year.

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Recently, a colleague and I were discussing language shortcuts when she told me she actually used the word "hashtag" when talking with her teenaged daughter. She said she never really did figure out whether the look on her daughter’s face was one of admiration or horror. Probably horror. LOL! Continue Reading

These days, the majority of organizations selling complex products to businesses have some sort of multichannel strategy. That's altered the nature of the relationship between the customer and the vendor. Whereas in Watson's day, customers saw their account managers regularly, channel partners now take primary responsibility for direct customer engagement. Continue Reading

Do not gain access to key decision makers in a large deal.