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Herman Miller

How do you strengthen a global sales team’s ability to sell complex solutions to complex clients?

Read how Herman Miller brought a common language to a global team.


How do you align a global sales organization with a common language, sales methodology and framework?

Hear how Motorola executed their sales transformation effort.

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If you work in sales – in any capacity – you’ve probably come across the term “World Class.” People describe organizations as having “World-Class Results” or “World-Class Performance.” But what does this mean, really, and who sets the standard? There isn’t a Guinness Book of World Records that companies can benchmark against, or even a governing body, so when sales leaders attempt to gauge their performance and compare themselves to the “World-Class” model, who holds the measuring stick? Continue Reading

In my many conversations with fellow sales leaders all over the world, I like to ask them a simple question: What is your plan for winning?

As expected, the responses are as varied as the people who give them. It’s very interesting how their answers give me a glimpse into the kind of sales leaders they are and the organizations they operate in. But what I find truly fascinating is the fact that sales leaders from the better-performing B2B companies seem to have a plan in common for winning - to focus on the customer. This is also what emerged from the results of the 2014 MHI Global Sales Best Practices Study. For four consecutive years in the study, we’ve asked respondents to rate themselves on the following statement: We clearly understand our customer’s issues before we propose a solution. Our running average the last four years is 92 percent for World Class Sales Performers against 45 percent of all respondents. Continue Reading

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